Bushcraft axe – Things to know

An effective bushcraft knife is by far the most important item of your survival gear and is one of a few fundamentals that all survivors should have with them. Selecting a good survival knife is more than an exercise in individuality – your very life might hinge upon its correct choice. Anybody who has ever spent time in the outdoors will vouch for the usefulness of a good knife. But to the survival specialist his knife is one of his best friends and essentially the most carefully guarded of his survival equipment. Like a good friend, his survival knife will never let him down. The right thinking on bushcraft knives is – if it isn’t with you, it can’t save you. Any knife will do if you have it at the right time. With a good knife you can make or get just about anything you need to live in the outdoors. You could use a knife to make fuzz sticks, construct shelter, gut a fish, dress game or for self defense. Whether it is wilderness or urban survival, you absolutely need a survival knife. Do you want to learn more? Visit  this website

The most effective bushcraft knives should be versatile in the number of things they can do. However, bulk and weight are essential concerns as with any survival equipment. With this in mind, your choice of the best survival knife for your needs has to be determined by solid construction, proper materials, workmanship, and performance. The ideal survival knife blade length is anywhere between four and six inches. This size blade provides decent mix of size and control. If a larger survival blade is necessary then you should get a machete, axe, hatchet, or tomahawk. After all, you would do well to just have on you a regular sized survival knife. The best bushcraft knife is built of one piece of metal, to which there are slabs of material attached to make a comfortable grip. This type of construction is known in the knife world as full tang. Low-priced survival knives are frequently made so that the metal blade is separate from the handle. The weak point on these knives is where the blade and handle are bolted and glued together. You should avoid such cheap knives and opt to the better full tang versions. While selecting the best bushcraft knife make sure you do not skimp. Find the best survival knife and it will serve you well for years to come. And it might just save your life some day.