Stylish Window Blinds To Suit Your Home

Blinds are window coverings that are attached to the interior or exterior of a window mainly for protection from sunlight and for privacy. They also help in enhancing the appearance of the décor of a room. Basically, there are three types of window blinds – window shades, vertical blinds, and horizontal blinds.

The first type, window shades are blinds made up of some solid material that goes side to side or up and down. Vertical blinds have vertical adjustable slats overlapping each other when closed. The third type, horizontal blinds or Venetian blinds have horizontal adjustable, overlapping slats as a replacement for of the vertical ones.Learn more about this at benefits of using day and night blinds in your home.

There are three well loved types of window shades – roller shades, roman shades, and cellular shades. The roller blinds are quite well loved and simply go up and down on the blind. The classic bind is simple to operate with its continuous clutch system. The Shear Construct material is quite well loved for these blinds.

Roman shades also go up and down but are normally given the hobbled or the traditional look. Most of the factories sell out these blinds at very affordable prices. The cellular or the honeycomb blinds appear like honeybees when seen from a side. They are well loved for being energy efficient and are available in various colours at exceptionally affordable costs.

Vertical blinds have vertical vanes hanging off from the top of the window head-rail. They can be split from the middle or opened from either side. Most of them have the nice option of valance that helps keeping all the hardware on top. These blinds are mostly well loved in certain countries for the greater applications and incredibly wide openings they place forward. Typical width of these blinds is 3½ inch. But, some older ones are 4½ inch wide. The vanes in vertical blinds are ordinarily designed in PVC to keep light out or in fabric to light let in. Vertical blind vanes are available in an impressive variety of colours, textures, and shutter styles.

Horizontal blinds or the Venetian blinds are available in numerous colours, sizes, and materials. Most well loved sizes are 2½ inch , 2 inch, 1 inch, and ½ inch, while most well loved types are real wood blinds, Faux wood blinds, and metal blinds. Of these, the wood blinds are very common and the most expensive. They are especially known for their light weight and for their appearance that bears those attractive furniture stains.

The Faux wood horizontal blinds are mostly two to two and a half inches wide. They are the most well loved and have better sales than any other blind in today’s market. Made in plastic, these blinds momentously enhance the appearance of the window and give an brilliant outside view. They are more energy efficient and have thicker slats than the metal ones.

The metal blinds are made in aluminium in 6 or 8 gauge slats. The 2 inch slats are ordinarily made in 8 gauge aluminium. You can add decorative tapes to them for having colourful metal blinds. The mini blinds, also called the micro blinds, are also available in small half inch slats and are perfect for door applications.