The Quest for Immortality

Netent has waded into the endless obsession with immortality by creating a captivating slot game based on the Egyptian ancient history. Pyramid Quest for Immortality is set in the pyramids where the pharaohs were buried and preserved in the hope that they would resurrect. Visit for more information about this slot and have a look at its dashboard. But if you are looking forward to winning a jackpot, you had better try something else. this slot has no free spins, keeping your chances of winning at the very minimum.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality: Interesting Features

One thing you will recognize immediately on this game is its avalanche technology. While most slots have the spinning motion when you hit "spin", Pyramid Quest for Immortality is different. Symbols fall onto the reels from above, and if any are matching, they explode and disappear to give room for more symbols. This means that if nothing explodes, you have not won anything and that you have to purchase more spins. Visit tallshipscoruna for a feel of this amazing video slot powered by Netent.

  • Symbols fall from above
  • Winning symbols explode and disappear

This means that you have to stick to your budget. You may easily run out of winning combinations, crashing your quest for immortality to an immature end. To avoid losing big, start off with small bets which you can easily afford to lose. Playing any online casino game is no shortcut to riches. Many players fall into the temptation of staking an amount larger than their immediate loss in the hope of recovering it. So, if the winning symbols aren't forthcoming, it is time to count your losses.

What Else You Should Know about Pyramid Quest for Immortality

You may appreciate the fact that this game offers up to 720 pay lines and has the lowest minimum bet amount. Its 5-reel structure is nothing new to slot players but its structure is rather different - 3-4-5-4-3 row format. Well, it could be exciting for someone looking for a change from the normal slots. However, the interface is easy to master and understand. You won't need too much time to start playing. All the options are represented by nice buttons on the dashboard.

However, the lack of free spins will likely dampen your gaming spirits. It is not clear why Netent decided to skip this feature that appeals to most players. Whatever the reason, it is bound not to resonate with many players, including yours truly. Alternatively, Netent could consider adding more bonus features to this game to hype up the fun. Otherwise, you may be better off playing it in free mode. You could also consider playing Gonzo's Quest which has better bonus features and gameplay.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality: Final Thoughts

Pyramid Quest for Immortality should make for a great online gaming experience. With an attractive and user-friendly interface and the exciting avalanche technology, new players should be at home with this slot game from Netent. But the missing free spin feature may be a deal-breaker for most players who are just starting out with slot games. You may want to explore other slots before embarking on Pyramid Quest for Immortality. Granted, the quest for immortality isn't an easy one - many have flopped and you are likely to flop as well.