Inroduction to NetEnt vs Evolution Gaming

When it comes to iGaming, both NetEnt vs Evolution Gaming names are well known. They are the two most popular casino studios in the market. Their primary focus is to come up with top-not products that cut slices the biggest portion of market to their favor. That is why they are by far the studios with highest fan base. Every casino house that is serious about making it in the market, they cannot lack on of products from those two companies. Youcan visit to enjoy some NetEnt slots.

The Rivalry Origin

With high success in the market, we can comfortably say, the two casino studios are hungry rivals. But the main question is, who is the king? Well, we will not reinvent the wheel here. The argument has been there on private channels, direct forums, or even personal blogs. However, not one is yet to get the answer. But, today we will end this debate for once. Before we proceed, you can find some of the existing NetEnt casino products on site.

There are different aspects of comparison here. For industry experts, they will evaluate the winner from a point of view of how successful their businesses are. For the players, the most important attribute of success is the entertainment aspect and reliability. We will take all the aspects when making the final decision. Both studios have different attributes that will make the comparison easy and fair. The winner will be announced at the end of the discussion. Are you ready? Let's start.

Lets Compare Channels to Contact the Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of the business if at all it was to provide exceptional services that will make the customer feel valued and also respected. For your brand to be known, customer support is core to your business. The two companies have invested reliable and convenient channels to reach their support team. They both have Email and Phone as the channels. However, Evolution Gaming has an edge here. They have a live chat tool. Live chat is the most reliable tool to reach out customer support.

  • A good customer support will increase the lifetime value of a bussiness.
  • Good customer support should be available 24/7.

Let's Compare Their User Interfaces. The user interface is what sells the slot. A good user interface attracts 50% of the visitors. What makes user interface sale out is simplicity and ease-of-use. The two companies have taken time to ensure their interface performs their primary role. However, NetEnt has an edge here. It includes some features that give players extra knowledge about game history such as the on-screen history of last game played and in-game statistics. Such features helps players make more sound decision.

Lets Annouce The Winner

As we wind up, we have put the two biggest casino studios into comparison. Our main focus was on putting different features and aspects of their sites into comparison. It is the ideal time to announce the winner. It goes to non-other than... No winner. Yes, and hopefully there will be no winner soon. It is the competition that drives the two businesses. An action of one business will be met by a more innovative reaction from the other. That is what we call healthy competition.